15 date places in London that aren’t Nandos

1. Cabana Brazilian 

With a really relaxed vibe and options for even the fussiest of eaters, this is a great place for a first or second date. There are cute cocktails, barbecue chicken dishes, sweet potato fries and Brazilian music.

Location: 7 restaurants in London, including both Westfields and Brixton

If you pay for your date you’ll spend: Around £36*

*All prices based on one main meal and one drink per person

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9 things all journalists do

1. Drink coffee like it’s water.

Something about those beans unleashes all a journalist’s creativity when consumed. The hotter the better, and journos love finding a good independent coffee shop to interview a source or have a meeting in.

2. Get places really really early.

The fear of missing a story is so great that when a journalist says they’ll meet you at 7pm, they’ll be there at 6:45.

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