31 things the weekend was made for

1. Creaming your whole body, not just the bits that will be on show

2. Trying out new snapchat filters

3. Trying out a recipe with over 30 minutes preparation time

4. Spending time preparing your Sunday best for church

5. Finding a new favourite song on Spotify discover, and then overplaying it so much you never want to hear it again

6. Losing at bowling

7. Spending extended periods of time in rooms in your house you never usually go in

8. Sitting alone in the coffee shop you always walk past

9. Replacing your broken umbrella

10. Hoovering in your pyjamas

11. Eating ribs with barbecue sauce

12. Oversleeping

13. Pinning furniture on Pinterest

14. Wearing ripped jeans

15. Deleting random screenshots from your phone to make space to take more pictures

16. Watching Jackie Aina tutorials while doing your makeup

17. Actually reading the Starbucks menu instead of auto-ordering




18. Planning your outfits for the week ahead

19. Watching bad tv and belly laughing

20. Deleting the work email account from your phone

21. Trying a new hairstyle, then going straight back to the style you’ve had since age 12 on Monday

22. Updating your blog

23. Long reads

24. Buying *everything* in your local Primark

25. Making cups of tea and accidentally forgetting about them

26. Binge watching Power on Netflix

27. Foot massages

28. Opening your mail

29. Reading psalms

30. Going to the nail shop

31. Singing along to the radio with the windows open


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“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 

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