11 things that annoy readers visiting your blog

1. Pop ups
If I click on your blog post and I can’t even get to it, I’m already annoyed and I leave immediately.

These pop ups might look easy to close on a desktop computer, but on a mobile the little ‘x’ button can be hard to find and even harder to press. Not a great first impression.


2. Misleading headlines
Click bait has no place on your blog, it ruins your reputation and makes people want to stop visiting.

Great headlines are both attention grabbing and true. If I come to your site to find out the one thing I need to do to get rid of blackheads, I want to learn how to do that by the end of the blog post.

Your bounce rate (how quickly people leave your site after they first get to it) affects your page ranking in search engines like Google, you don’t want to be penalised for a bad headline!


3. Typos
Please, please proofread your work at least five times before hitting publish — or ask a friend/housemate/sibling and pay them in chocolate. Most people can forgive about two or three typos, and may not even notice them all, but it’s always worth checking over your copy.


4. No external links
Stop telling your readers about products/services/people but not helping them find them. I shouldn’t have to google everything you mention in your post.

Link out as much as possible – the site you link out to will be able to see when people are coming to their site from yours, and may even reach out to partner with you.


5. No share buttons or social profiles
After finishing a great post people want to share it with their community via their social accounts, email or whatsapp.

Another thing readers like to do is stay up to date with the writer’s work, continue the conversation, and be nosy by following them on social media, so make it easy for them to find your profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by having them in a side bar or on your about page.




6. No about page
People connect with other people, not websites, so it’s a good idea to have the following basics on your about page: a clear profile picture, a sentence or two explaining what your blog is about and why you started it, contact information — please not a contact form because then you have no record of what you sent and can’t easily follow up. Grr.


7. Too many images
Is this a blog post or a photo gallery? On desktop, tens of images one under another look great and are easy to navigate, but on mobile that’s a lot of scrolling which makes for tired thumbs.


8. No images
Reading a lot of text on a screen isn’t fun for anyone, but you can hold readers attention for longer with images that relate to the topic throughout the copy. Great sources of free stock images are StockSnap and picjumbo.


9. An inappropriately conversational tone
Every blog post has its own unique style and tone, which can take a little time to develop, but writing exactly how you speak doesn’t usually make for the clearest posts.

Readers like posts that get to the point and deliver on what was promised in the headline, not you telling them; oh my gosh all the things you’ve been up to this week and like why you haven’t been posting and how you’re sooooo sorry about it lol!


10. Long load times
People don’t have much patience when visiting a blog for the first time, they want to access the post with as little delay as possible. You can remove unwanted plugins, reduce the number of posts on your homepage or use a different host – see this article for more tips.


11. Not mobile friendly
I know you write your blog posts on a desktop computer and that’s lovely, but if people are coming to your site via mobile they need to be able to access the post too. Use a theme that’s mobile friendly – WordPress and Squarespace have plenty to choose from.


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