7 podcasts to get you through a really boring afternoon

No matter how much you love what you do day to day, there are always those afternoons that drag, that long journey you need some entertainment to fill, or that mundane task you need to spice up with some listening material.

Here are some podcasts to press play on when you’re struggling to get through the afternoon.


I overheard a colleague raving about how she was hooked on this podcast, which is produced by the same team as Serial and This American Life, and then saw it at the very top of the iTunes chart and decided to click play.

It’s like listening to a 7 chapter crime thriller novel where the author is finding out what happened at the same time as you, it’s eerie, compelling and gripping. The downside? No diversity and a strong anti-church theme.

Genre: Crime
Host: Brian Reed
Hashtag: #STown
Episode length: 7 episodes around 1 hour each
Why I love it: Literally couldn’t stop listening to it, and it’s so different from any other podcast I’d listened to before
Listen while drinking: A cup of coffee


The Friend Zone

New episodes of this podcast are the lift I need in the middle of the week, the hosts Fran, Dustin and Assante are hilarious, helpful and talented in equal measure. They sing, give wellness tips, put you on to great music and recap reality TV shows all in one podcast and it all fits perfectly together.

Hey Fran Hey has become one of my personal role models, it’s refreshing to hear from someone who looks like me and puts her health first.

Genre: Wellness
Hosts: Dustin, Hey Fran Hey and Assante
Hashtag: #TheFriendZone
Episode length: Around 1 hour 50 minutes
Frequency: Weekly, released on Wednesdays
Why I love it: I learn something new every episode, and there’s always something to laugh at too
Listen while drinking: A mug of peppermint tea


The Read

Your favourite celebrity/entertainment/comedy podcasters look up to Kid Fury and Crissle of The Read. They’ve been in the podcasting game for over four years, and it shows; they’re professional, slick and hilarious.

I love the structure of the show – they have segments like Black Excellence, Shade in Full and  the final segment of each show; The Read – where  the hosts tell someone about themselves and put them in check.

Genre: Comedy
Hosts: Kid Fury and Crissle
Hashtag: #TheRead
Episode length: Around 2 hours
Frequency: Weekly, released on Thursdays
Why I love it: So funny, so shady, and basically what I’ve been thinking all week
Listen while drinking: Hennessy


3 Shots of Tequila

If you want to know what your man is saying about you to his friends, you should probably listen to this. Keith, Marvin and Tazer share their wild dating stories, give their advice to listeners who email in, and provide an insight into life as a young black man in London.

I’ve learned so much from these three; how much guys know about the games women play, what red flags to look out for when dating, and what exactly goes down when a guy is not with you.

This show is known for it’s opinionated guests (who never go by their government names…); Savage Dan and Babs are two audience favourites.

Genre: Comedy
Hosts: Mr Exposed, Marv Abbey and Tazer Black
Hashtag: #3ShotsofTequila
Episode length: 1 hour, 30 minutes to 2 hours
Frequency: Weekly, released on Fridays
Why I love it: It’s like being in a locker room listening to your crush talk about you without him knowing you’re there
Listen while drinking: Tequila and lime


My Taught You 

Curlbox CEO Myleik Teele is nothing like those business coaches that take all your money and tell you want you want to hear. I remember someone emailing Myleik with a career dilemma talm ’bout how she was “the biggest thinker in the room” and no one could see how talented she was, you know what Myleik told her? That she was the biggest thinker in the room that wasn’t thinking of ideas that were making the company any money. Phew.

I love that Myleik says the podcast is for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial – leaving it open for those who work for someone else to feel welcome too. I’ve learned simple things such as why you should order in the same drink family as the person you’re meeting at a business meet, and how to edit my life and create boundaries so you I flourish.

The unique thing about this podcast is that Myleik only records when she has something to say – there’s no filler content here.

Genre: Business
Host: Myleik Teele
Hashtag: #MyTaughtYou
Episode length: Varies from 30 minutes to an hour and half
Frequency: Whenever she has something useful to say
Why I love it: Myleik tells it how it is, and I always learn something new
Listen while drinking: A glass of wine (but have your notebook handy)


Grace Radio 

I’ve been following Alexandra Wolf‘s work since she was the CEO of The BossBabe Academy, a personal branding school for millennial women. Now she’s moved on to other things, one of which is Grace Radio, a podcast where she talks about her pursuit of a life with meaning; one that is fun and fulfilling.

Each episode makes you think about your life from a new perspective, makes you question if you’re really doing things right – are you actually enjoying the life you created? Are you more worried about what other people think of you than what you think of you? Are you really making the most of it?

Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Alexandra Wolf
Hashtag: #GraceRadio
Episode length: 15 – 20 minutes
Frequency: Weekly, released on Mondays
Why I love it: I always learn something new from Alex, and love that she’s trying to bring back some of the old traditions and ways of doing things with grace
Listen while drinking: A cup of tea in a china mug


The Receipts Podcast 

You know I had to mention this one, because I’m one of the hosts, but every time I listen I laugh like I wasn’t there during the recording. We’re four women in our 20s and 30s who grew up in London, and we talk about all the crazy things we’ve done for men, reveal our best coping mechanisms for heartbreak and our best stalking and cuffing techniques.

We were getting so many emails with dilemmas from our listeners that we started recording minisodes called Your Receipts, to answer them. So every week you’ll get something from us; either a full length episode or a minisode.

Genre: Comedy
Hosts: Ghana’s Finest, Phoebe Parke, Tolly T and Milena Sanchez
Hashtag: #TheReceiptsPodcast
Episode length: Normal episodes are around 1 hour 30 minutes, and minisodes are 30 minutes
Frequency: Weekly, released on Wednesdays
Why I love it: we can speak freely about our experiences without worrying about getting in trouble
Listen while drinking: A glass of prosecco


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