Phoebe Parke Tsaka beauty review

Impartial review: Deep Clean Tsaka Mask

Finding an hour to mix, apply and wash off a face mask sounds easy, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who prioritises work over  self-care.

When I finally found some time to try out a face mask from brand new UK beauty brand Tsaka, I was glad I did.



I’m so used to the artificial smells that so many face masks contain that this one took me by surprise. It smells totally natural, the kind of smell you’d expect when walking through a field in the countryside when it’s just rained.

In actual fact I was smelling Olax Dissitiflora root extract, more about that later.



After putting this mask on I made myself comfortable, teared myself away from the laptop and watched a TV show (The Real Housewives of Potomoc.)

When it came to washing the mask off after half an hour my skin was SMOOTH. And I mean, super smooth, so smooth I couldn’t stop stroking it, so smooth I took a picture and it looked like I used a skin-smoothing snapchat filter, so smooth I tweeted about it.


Phoebe Parke Tsaka Beauty



This mask only has three ingredients; Olax Dissitiflora root extract, Ethyl Ximeninate and Ximenynic Acid.

Olax Dissitiflora root extract is only found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar, it has high anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties, and helps minimise hyper pigmentation.

I love that the product is preservative free, especially if it’s going on my face, and I’m totally fine with the fact that that means the shelf life is one year.



Don’t be like me and try and mix this face mask in your hand, it doesn’t work.

Instead, follow the instructions on the jar and get half a teaspoon of water to mix with the powder of the mask.

I used the lid of the jar to mix, and wasn’t sure I had the right consistency when putting it on my face. But as it dried it hardened and turned white, so I could see that I had actually covered my whole face, just couldn’t see that when the paste was wet.

You can buy the Deep Clean Tsaka face mask online for £17.00/10g.


Phoebe Parke Tsaka Beauty review jar open


The R Factor 

Would I recommend this product? Let’s just say the next time someone is looking for a preservative-free face mask, I’m pointing them in the direction of Tsaka.

It’s also going into my bag of essentials for self care Sundays.

In the words of Tsaka founder Celmira Amade; “I believe women of every shade are entitled to pamper themselves with simple luxurious products that are not going to compromise their health.”



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