9 Instagram accounts to keep you prayed up

As you open up Instagram you could be met with anything from a selfie, a meme or something a little less savoury.
If you want to add some spirituality to your feed, here are nine accounts to follow that will help keep your mind on the things above.


Quotes about relationships and love with a sprinkling of funny memes.



A life coach, writer and speaker who posts truth-telling memes about love and faith.

She stayed because of the effort once given for the once upon a time ago Love CONNECTION… She saw you different than others because of your initial investment of AFFECTION… She really thought you cared about the little things she would do because of the way you previously paid ATTENTION… She really believed you valued her because of the way you use to express your undying APPRECIATION… But you got comfortable and proved to be a living CONTRADICTION to the vows you once MENTIONED… Sad part is you had a good girl who saw a future with you because of the way you once loved her but now there's a pending SEPARATION… She's over the FRUSTRATION, sick of the DEVASTATION and tired of the lack of DEVOTION… Hope you're proud?! You either loss or are losing the one Woman who was loyal to you, loving with you and if given a choice would've always chose you with no HESITATION! #WhyWaitToLoveHer _______________________________________________ (➕LIKE➕COMMENT➕TAG OTHERS➕SHARE➕FOLLOW) FOLLOW:@SilentlySpokenProject FOLLOW:@SilentlySpokenProject FOLLOW:@SilentlySpokenProject ______________________________________________ #DEARFUTUREWIFEIMWAITING #EXCUSESNOTSOLDHERESORRY #DearGoodWomen #DearGoodMen #WillYouBeHerLastFirstKiss #ISayWhatMostWont #StaySingleUntilYouKnowItsReal #ComeOnPayAttention #ShesWaitingToBeLoved #GoodGuysStillExist #GoodMenAreHardToFind #RealMenExist #KingsNeedLoveToo #HappilyEverAfterOneDay #YouDeserveBetter #LoveQuotes #Optimist #BeautifullyWritten #ItTakesCourageToLove #SilentlySpokenFromTheHeart #HopeFilledRomantic #SilentlySpokenProject #DontAskForSomethingYoureNotReadyToReceive _______________________________________________ #YOUCANSHAREMYPOSTS By using: @PhotoRepost_app

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Speaker and author who posts quotes and pictures of her family life.

When I try to take photos with Logan. 🙄😭😩😂 #LoganWilliam

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Faith-based relationship advice for modern men and women.

Don't settle for it.

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A Christian T-shirt brand that posts inspirational quotes and their latest designs.


App founder and speaker who posts inspirational videos and scenes from her daily life.


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Colourful quotes and posters about faith for the 21st century believer.


Clothing brand that posts images of their faith-based products.



Life and relationship coach and author who posts quotes about faith, love and life.

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Do you have other accounts to add to the list? Let me know in the comments.


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“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” – Matthew 5:8


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